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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about ArtsVision and our services. If you do not find an answer to your question below, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help.

What is the cost of ArtsVision?

ArtsVision is based on an Enterprise license, which means it is available to an unlimited number of users across your organization. ArtsVision charges a one-time implementation fee as well as an annual license fee. The exact cost of implementing ArtsVision into your organization is based on the entire scope of the project. While we offer a more “out of the box” solution, it is oftentimes the case that clients require some individual configuration, which we determine during our research and analysis phase to understand exactly how ArtsVision can fit into your organization.

You define what it means for your organization to be up and running! Should your organization decide to work with ArtsVision one of the first things we do is create an implementation timeline. This timeline outlines the process to fully implement ArtsVision based on our mutual agreement, with the length depending on the overall scope of the project. While the majority of ArtsVision is available for use immediately, some configuration is developed over a longer period of time.

Yes! Through Data Services such as RESTful, HTML and XML feeds, ArtsVision can interface with virtually any other accounting, ticketing, payroll or human resources system you use in addition to ArtsVision.

Every page of ArtsVision is protected by a multi-layered permissions structure. You have the ability to determine exactly who can edit or view information and when they have that ability. We will work with you during the implementation period to ensure you understand how to arrange permissions so as new users come into your organization you are able to get them set up quickly and easily.

Protecting your sensitive information is easy in ArtsVision. Whether it is personal contact information, artists’ contracts or far off artistic planning, every part of ArtsVision is controlled by permissions. If someone isn’t supposed to have access to certain information you are in control of setting those permissions.

ArtsVision is an Enterprise license and is accessible by an unlimited number of users across your organization. Because ArtsVision is a cloud based hosted environment, all of your users can access ArtsVision at anytime anywhere with a reliable Internet connection.

ArtsVision has existed as a hosted, web-based software service since 2003 and has enjoyed virtually 100% up time. Our mirrored servers provide you the peace of mind of knowing your information is always available.

20 hours of training is included in the one time implementation fee. We value the relationship with each of our clients, and we know there are always new questions and new users that need attention. We are happy to be as available as possible for these occasional questions, and more extensive training sessions can also be arranged.

ArtsVision can be contacted by phone during normal business hours, and our support staff can always be contacted by email here [email protected].

ArtsVision software is updated on a rolling basis to keep up with the constantly evolving World Wide Web. As new modules and functionality are rolled out we will make the necessary adjustments to your system to keep you up to date. Because of our mirrored server environment your access to ArtsVision is never interrupted when these updates occur. Clients are notified in advance of any significant updates that might affect the user interface or existing functionality.