GöteborgsOperan 10/16/2014

“The potential of AV is enormous and there seems to be nothing you can’t do with this system. There is constant development, incorporating new technologies to improve already existing features and creating new ones. This is a system that will grow and develop in step with the rest of our organization and we look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together with ArtsVision in the future!”

Katarina Quist, System Manager & Assistant Planner, GöteborgsOperan

Opera Australia 10/16/2014

“The implementation of ArtsVision has ensured the smooth running of all planning elements at Opera Australia. As the company has continued to grow and the structure change, ArtsVision’s flexibility has aided this process tremendously, through its ongoing interaction with each department. The support and respect from the team at ArtsVision is constant in whatever we ask of them.”

Narelle Beattie, Chief Operating Officer, Opera Australia

Apollo Theater 10/16/2014

“I searched many years for a user friendly and robust event management platform. I finally found what I was looking for in ArtsVision.”

Joe Levy, General Manager, Apollo Theater

Chicago Symphony Orchestra 09/10/2014

“This is one of the most valuable (in terms of personal productivity) tools we’ve ever released to our staff / members.”

Jeff Stang, Operations Manager, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

The Juilliard School 09/10/2014

“I have been using ArtsVision only a short time, but I was so impressed with the system that I quickly recommended it to several of my colleagues. The program is easy to use and is very user-friendly. And because it is web-based, I can have access to it from my Macintosh at home and my PC at work.”

Russ Girsberger, Ensemble Librarian, The Juilliard School

London Symphony Orchestra 06/13/2014

“ArtsVision has been a key solution for the London Symphony Orchestra. It has enabled us to integrate the scheduling and core information of the LSO with LSO St Luke’s, the UBS and LSO Music Education Centre venue and LSO Discovery, the LSO’s music education arm. By spending less time checking information between different systems and more time being fully aware of what is happening across the LSO family we’re able to spend more time developing tours, recording projects and live events – and that’s all about delivering great performances.”

Jeremy Garside, Head of Technology, London Symphony Orchestra