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Who is Artsvision?

ArtsVision is the most comprehensive and powerful planning and resource management application available to the classical performing arts community today.

Manage All Aspects

Based around a powerful company-wide calendar, ArtsVision provides the ability to manage virtually all aspects of administration, including artistic planning, repertoire and contract management, rehearsal and production scheduling, venue and vendor management, marketing, budgeting and financial planning.

Our Work Speaks for Itself

It has been developed in conjunction with and continues to service a wide variety of clients including opera houses, orchestras and major performance venues worldwide including The Metropolitan Opera, London Symphony Orchestra, Cleveland Orchestra, BAM, Washington National Opera and The Juilliard School.

Designed Built and Maintained

by a team of experts with decades of experience in arts management and administration, ArtsVision caters to the unique needs of performing arts organizations. The ArtsVision Software senior team has an extensive and unique combination of experience in software development, product management, sales, marketing, operations and finance with proven success in each of their respective disciplines. Management team members have industry specific expertise in performing arts administration, resource management and planning as well as personal contacts at nearly all of the world’s top performing arts organizations.

According to Your Needs

The power of ArtsVision is derived from the concept of a shared definitive pool of common data presented in a unique way to each user according to their needs, responsibilities, and permissions. By utilizing shared data and unified records for artists, productions and repertoires, data duplication is eliminated and updates to performance and rehearsal schedules are instantly reflected throughout the entire organization.

The ArtsVisionTM Advantage

Performing arts organizations have unique challenges when it comes to planning and resource management. Any solutions require a deep understanding of the “business” and a methodology tailored to suit the arts. The key to the success of ArtsVision lies in the experience of the senior ArtsVision team and the unique design of the application.

The Methodology

We treat every client and their implementation of ArtsVision as unique – while we present an “out of the box” solution we are also able to create a customer-centric solution for each client. We can do this because of the design and implementation methodology of ArtsVision, combined with our experience of the performing arts industry.

The ArtsVision Framework

An Application for the Performing Arts

The ArtsVision Technology Framework consists of a Database model, business logic and processing rules, and a user interface. Best practices and decades of industry and software experience are built into the design of the ArtsVision product. Using this ArtsVision technology framework as the foundation, we then configure the application to reflect the user’s preferences for the display of information, data components and data manipulation.

Our Design Methodology

In developing the latest ArtsVision framework we applied our unique design methodology called Counterpoint*. Simply defined, we ensure that any piece of data must be able to integrate easily with other data along a timeline continuum, be able to be come together with other data harmoniously and contextually, and also be able to exist independently and retain its individual and unique properties when needed.

Less Work for You

This methodology results in several advantages – less work on the user interface to process data changes, faster retrieval of information, and a natural and an intuitive flow to the business process for the user.

Implementation Best Practices

We know the performing arts industry. We respect what you do and we recognize that the arts have challenges as difficult and complex as any other type of business. We also recognize that your IT goals and solutions are often unique to the arts and require complex solutions that can’t always be easily scaled or streamlined.

Our role is to bring best industry practices to the table from our years of experience in working within the industry to provide superior and proven solutions. These best practices are from the arts, not from manufacturing or service industries.

Designed with You in Mind

This methodology results in several advantages – less work on the user interface to process data changes, faster retrieval of information, and a natural and an intuitive flow to the business process for the user.

We'll be with you every step of the way.

Every member of the ArtsVision team has extensive experience in the performing arts. Having worked at many of the world’s top performing arts organizations – in administration, software development, product management, sales, marketing, operations, finance, resource management, and planning – we understand your needs.