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How It Works

ArtsVision is based around a company-wide calendar that acts as the unified and definitive source of information across your entire organization. Users can view data in various formats including spreadsheet and zoom views, use mouse over effects for event detail, apply permissions and filters to control access to the data and ensure users can see only the activities and data they need.

Detailed Project and Event Planning

ArtsVision provides flexible Detailed Project and Event planning for any type of activity. Whether you are producing, presenting or renting, ArtsVision can accommodate your needs for tracking programs, production details, education, marketing, sponsorship, touring and venue information. You define the types of activities for your organization and ArtsVision allows you to drill down to all of your details via department-specific tabs, with the possibility of creating custom tabs as required.

Company-Wide Address Book

The company-wide address book stores contact and detailed background information for all personnel, artists, vendors, and other companies including performance and contract history, professional skills, and professional affiliations. Custom tabs can be created to ensure you are capturing exactly the information you need for your organization.

ArtsVision Out of the Box

ArtsVision has been developed in conjunction with and continues to service a wide variety of clients including major performance venues, opera houses, and orchestras worldwide.  With every implementation ArtsVision grows stronger and the amount of functionality continues to increase.  We have taken all that we have learned and created ArtsVision “out of the box” versions specifically configured to address the needs most often found in specific types of organizations.  These pre-determined combinations of modules are designed to provide your organization with the full array of ArtsVision’s underlying goals of increased efficiency and greater collaboration across your organization while speeding up the implementation process so you are up and running more quickly.

Because each organization is unique these out of the box versions are in no way limited in functionality, and it is always possible to broaden the scope of your implementation to incorporate additional modules and services that will benefit your organization. These out of the box versions are ArtsVision Performance Venue, Opera/Theater, Orchestra, and Conservatory.

Performance Venue

Resource Management

ArtsVision for Venue provides a comprehensive system for allocating resources to projects and translating those resources to invoice line items. You have complete flexibility to organize your resources by categories and types you define along with price lists to track the different rates available for each resource.

Budgeting and Forecasting

From first negotiation all the way through to the final settlement report, ArtsVision provides you the tools to budget and forecast expenses and income with the ability to compare against actuals. Use AV Analytics to see trends, cash flow, track payments and more.

Venue Calendar

Although the amount of detail held in the ArtsVision Calendar makes producing your events more efficient than ever, sometimes you only need an overview of what is going on in your spaces. The Venue Calendar is configured to group spaces together in the view you want to quickly view what is happening across your campus. With just a click you can access more detailed event information and project reports if you want.

Opera & Theater

Casting & Performance Casting

The casting module allows you to begin casting from the earliest stages of ideas all the way through to the execution of contracts. You can track conversations, availability, fee negotiations and contracts all on one screen. ArtsVision gives you the flexibility to consider an unlimited number of artists for each production. Once you have confirmed the artists for your production assign them to the correct performance dates in the performance-casting screen. Performance-Casting automatically updates the performance events in the calendar, and lists the correct artists on the daily schedule.

Works of Art Library

The Works of Art Library provides the ability to create an unlimited number of works of art with specific templates for cast, creative and production teams. These templates are used to define the personnel requirements for each project/production you build. For Opera all of the standard titles and templates are included.

Daily call sheet

ArtsVision understands that your daily schedule is one of the most important documents created by an opera company. While we offer the option of a standard daily schedule, we are happy to work with you to create exactly the format you need so that all of the critical information your company needs to make every day more efficient is quickly available and easily communicated.

Audition Tracking

Holding auditions is a regular occurrence for any opera company, theater or school. Not only can use ArtsVision’s calendar to create your audition events, but you can keep detailed scheduling information for each artist. ArtsVision automatically connects the auditions of each artist to their address book record so you can keep a running history including comments and rankings.

Planning Calendar

All season programming has to begin somewhere, which is why ArtsVision developed a flexible planning calendar to give season planning managers a space to sketch out ideas for productions, rehearsal and performance periods and easily move dates around with a drag and drop feature so you can organize your season exactly they way you envision. Using the idea of scenarios, you can create an unlimited number of versions of your seasons and compare the differences to find exactly what works. Once you have the perfect blend, make a scenario live and share your information with the rest of your organization to continue more detailed planning.


Flexible Rostering

Each Orchestra has a different way of assigning musicians to programs, and ArtsVision allows you to chose from a variety of different methods of creating musician rosters.

Music Library

With nearly 10,000 entries from the orchestral, opera and chamber repertoires, ArtsVision’s music library can be exactly what you need it to be. Knowing that each librarian is as unique as his or her organization, the ArtsVision Music Library provides great flexibility so information is recorded and listed exactly as you want it to appear. Developed in collaboration with librarians from some of the largest symphony orchestras in the United States and abroad, the ArtsVision Music Library also makes it easy to record a performance history of each work, track shelf locations and attach documents like copies of parts, bowing lists or any other information you may want to connect to the work.

Tour Module

ArtsVision provides the ability to manage all aspects of touring from travel and hotel needs and preferences to carnet and shipping. Manage the entire tour party including orchestra personnel, soloists, guests and administration with itineraries and other reports.

Attendance Tracking and Payroll

ArtsVision provides complete tracking of attendance including doublings, extra payments and leave/relief and can be configured to generate payroll or interface with your existing payroll system.


Room Requests

Easily manage multiple spaces and requests from students and faculty. You can limit the types of activities users can request, what locations they can request as well as the date range available to them. ArtsVision can incorporate other rules and requirements, and communicate the request and approval process by on screen notifications and email.


Keeping track of ensemble and class history as well as professional development, community participation or any other type of requirement can be done in ArtsVision. You determine what information needs to be collected and ArtsVision will organize the information in a format that can be exported as a transcript.

Group Scheduler

Scheduling lessons, rehearsals and coachings can be a full-time job. Make this task significantly more efficient with the Group Scheduler. This tool lets you compare individuals and spaces to find common time across all of their schedules. Once you find the right time, drag and draw the event right on the screen to automatically create the event with the people and location assigned.

Audition Tracking

Holding auditions is a regular event for any opera company, theater or school. Not only can ArtsVision’s calendar be used to create your audition events, but you can keep detailed scheduling information for each artist. ArtsVision automatically connects the auditions of each artist to their address book record so you can keep a running history including comments and rankings.

Do Even More

We can help you customize ArtsVision to support every aspect of your organization’s workflow.